Message form Chairman

Mohammad Ziaul Hasan Molla

Chairman of AACOBB & DMD, CAMLCO, Bank Asia Limited

Warm Greeting and Welcome to you all.

I personally believe that this is an opportunity to express my solidarity as a CAMLCO and as Chairman of AACOBB to take an oath to combat money laundering, terrorist financing & proliferation financing in line with the Country Law, BFIU guideline and also to create a compliance culture in Bangladesh. I cordially extend my gratitude to BFIU’s effort to achieve a sustainable AML & CFT regime in all reporting entities and would also like to praise and acknowledge the contributions of you all.

Money Laundering has become a matter of great concern around the world having a major impact on a country’s economy as a whole, impeding the social, economic, political, and cultural development of a society. Money laundering and terrorist financing pose grave threats to global security, stability, and prosperity. They undermine the rule of law, erode public trust, and facilitate the proliferation of organized crime and terrorism. As guardians of ethical conduct and responsible stewardship, it is incumbent upon us to confront these challenges head-on and fortify our defenses against their insidious tactics.

The digital shift is a blessing for banking industries and the customers who were limited in their ability to have face to face interactions, but it also piqued the interest of fraudsters, money launderers and other cyber criminals to take advantage of the digital influx. Through this platform, we aspire to foster greater awareness, collaboration, and innovation in the fight against financial crime. By harnessing the power of technology, data analytics, and interdisciplinary cooperation, we aim to empower stakeholders with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to detect, prevent, and disrupt illicit financial flows.

However, our success in this endeavor pivots not only on technological prowess but also on the cultivation of a culture of vigilance, integrity, and ethical leadership. It requires unwavering commitment, collective action, and sustained engagement from all sectors of society—government agencies, financial institutions, regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies, academia, civil society organizations, and beyond.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to the realization of this initiative, and I look forward to our continued collaboration in advancing our common cause.

We have a long way to go. The journey has not been smooth so far for us. Now the time is for cooperation with each other instead of competition. Together, we can build a world where financial integrity reigns supreme.

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