2023 – 2024 Financial Crime & Compliance Report

2023-2024 Financial Crime and Compliance Report:

Sanction Scanner’s 2023 Annual Report examines the financial landscape, with a focus on fraud, AML, and CFT.

  • Key highlights include a review of regulatory developments such as 6AMLD, FinCEN Final Rule, and Crypto Asset Market Regulations, which demonstrate their critical role in combating financial crime.
  • The report stresses the use of automation, artificial intelligence, and regulatory technology to improve AML efficiency.
  • It emphasizes the importance of increased regulatory awareness in the wake of the cryptocurrency boom, noting compliance issues in cases such as Tornado Cash and Bitzlato.
  • The growing threat of cyber assaults and fraud necessitates a unified fraud management strategy focused on regulatory frameworks, teamwork, and agility.

Discover the complicated dynamics of 2023 with the Financial Crime and Compliance Report.

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